Attention Women: In the Next 5 Minutes You Will Discover a Simple, Complete 42-Day Training and Nutrition System that Will Help Get Your Body, Confidence, and Life Back - All for $6 a Day!

When's the last time you did something for yourself? Keep reading to find out the EXACT 6-week blueprint that will finally help you get the quality of life you deserve.

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Complete 42-Day Lifestyle Approach So Powerful
It Will Change Your Life and Habits Forever.

PIT Rejuvenate is a Fully Integrated Lifestyle Program for Women, Guaranteed to Help You Get Your Life Back.
In the next 42 Days, You'll Learn How Strength Training, Eating Properly for Your Body Type, and the Power of Positive Thinking Can Improve ALL Aspects of Your Life!

After lifting weights at home in my basement for years, I realized it was time to take my fitness to the next level and joining Jersey Strength Pit has proven to be the best decision. Training here has absolutely helped me reach my goals of building more muscle and strength. No matter where you are on your fitness journey – whether you are a beginner new to fitness, or an athlete wanting to improve performance – you will experience amazing personalized support in this friendly and motivating atmosphere. This really IS the best gym in Jackson and Christopher Lopez is an inspiring strength coach, who pushes me past what I think my limits are, to help me get the results that I want as an individual. Never bored. Always challenged. Stronger after each session! I’m proud to say this is where I train.

Megan Antoní Placa - PIT Member


You're always taking care of other people.
You're running your kids to all their practices and games.
You're going to work early, and need an outlet.
Your stress is getting out of control.
Your eating foods you used to, but now your gaining weight.
Your clothes fit different and you hate it.
You used to have more energy.
You are upset with how far you've let this go.

How much longer are you going to allow this to be your reality? You feel tired all the time, out of shape, or stressed and overweight. You were built to be a strong, fit woman who shouldn't feel guilty if you eat a piece of chocolate or have a glass of wine.

Are you ready to make a change? Remember. Nothing changes unless you step out of your comfort zone and take the next step. This is it.

"Why Is This Program Different?"

Do you feel like just a number in your current gym? Are you tired of the same circuit-style workouts in overcrowded bootcamps or fitness classes? This is your answer [which, trust us, is way better for toning those muscles up].

When you combine learning exactly how to eat for your body type with proper small-group Strength Training [in a controlled and fully-coached atmosphere], you'll get the perfect 1-2 punch to knock out fat and increase lean muscle - all while getting personal attention.

When you enroll in the 42-Day PIT Rejuvenate Program, you're doing it for yourself, so you can start becoming the strong, fit, confident women you deserve to be. Click the button on this page to apply now.

In the 42-Day Rejuvenate Program, you will get:
[1] Unlimlited Training Sessions Each Week
[2] Custom, Done-For-You Nutrition for YOUR Body Type
[3] Complete 24/7 Access to a Coach
[4] Free "PIT Nutrition" Member Success Handbook
[5] The Reward of Bettering Yourself and Earning Your Results

...all while learning WHYs and HOWs behind it all

A Moment of TRUTH.

So here's the deal. This program will change your life. But you first have to allow it to by clicking the button and filling out our application.

You and I both know getting in the habit of training and eating properly [or getting back in shape] can be tough. There's no way to sugar coat it.

You're probably thinking:
"I should have started this sooner..."
"I'm too out of shape to start now..."
"I don't want to find out how out of shape I actually am."
or, "I'm going to get in shape first and then sign up."

Look. If you don't start now, tomorrow will be exactly the same as today.
The great thing is that you are not the 'yesterday' version of you. You are not the 'last year' version of you. Your past does not define you. You can CHANGE. Change your habits and surround yourself with the right people, and your success will follow.

Your success is a culmination of the decisions you've made and that you will decide to make. If you make poor ones, it will show. If you make great ones, it will show too. Trust me after it's all said and done, it WILL BE WORTH IT.

Imagine what it will feel like when you can finally start seeing your body change. Imagine how it would feel to have endless energy to keep up with your kids' schedules. Imagine what it would feel like to finally take action and improve your health and your life so you can be the strong, healthy, and fit women you deserve to be.

Do this for you. Take the first step.

Don't worry, I [and the rest of our gym community] will be there every step of the way.

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Christopher Lopez
Jersey Strength Pit, Owner
Jackson, NJ

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