It's Not CrossFit.
It's Not a Bootcamp.
It's Not a Typical Gym.

It's The PIT.

...and when You Join, You Don't Become a Member, You Become Family.

Here's What Our Family Members Get:

  • Customized, Small-Group Training

    Our coaches do not believe in the “one-size-fits-all” mentality when it comes to training. Everyone has different goals, and everyone’s needs are different when it comes to sports performance or personal fitness, especially when dealing with developing successful, injury-free youth athletes. Because of our small group approach, we are able to provide the PERSONAL training and programming needed to help you or your child improve as safely as possible.

  • A Support System You Won't Find ANYWHERE Else.

    Our close-knit member community is what makes our facility so great. Chances are there is someone training here that has been in your or your child’s situation, and has had the same struggles whether it is Performance related or Fitness related. Our coaches and members are here to help you gain confidence, get better, and reach your goals every time you train by pushing you past your limits.

  • Personalized Nutrition Programs

    Training is an important piece of the fitness and performance puzzle…but Proper Nutrition is essential. Because it is the most important part of anyone’s progress, we provide all members the option to enroll in a Custom Nutrition Program. This built-for-you program is set up based on you (or your child’s) goals and time frame, and includes meals, snacks, and corresponding calorie counts for each day of the week. You can even print out complete shopping lists!

  • Quality, Time-Tested Instruction

    Our coaches have been training Athletes and Adults for over 12 years. Simply put, we know what works and what doesn’t to get you or your child the absolute best results in the fastest time. We do not use “flashy” or “fad” training methods, equipment, or nutrition programs. Just simple and effective methods that have worked for hundreds of clients over years of implementation.

A Facility That's Invested in Shaping the Lives of Ocean and Monmouth County Youth

We’ve been invested in Jackson-area athletes and their team’s programs with comprehensive Strength and Performance Training since we’ve opened our doors in 2012. We train and support numerous successful athletes from Jackson-area schools, rec programs, and organizations such as Jackson AYF, Jackson Rec Wrestling, Holbrook Little League, Jackson Little League, and Jackson Lacrosse to name a few. The Pit continues to provide the BEST performance program, support, and mentoring to Jackson’s Youth Athletes.

Coach Chris with some of his 'Pit Trained' NJAYF All-Stars representing Jackson. (Left to right: Chance Benjamin, Michael O'Keefe, Coach Chris Lopez, Justin Kuzian)

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Patricia Leahey, Mother of Sean - Jackson Memorial Wrestling

When you think of Jackson Memorial High School wrestling  you think of state champions, dedicated goal achievers and tremendously conditioned athletes.  These are traditions in Jackson.  In recent years part of this tradition has become the Jersey Strength Pit.  When our son Sean became part of the Pit four years ago he immediately knew that Christopher Lopez was going to bring him to another level of physical fitness.  Chris's personality and vision is one that is compatible with the Jackson tradition of achieving at a high level. He has a comprehensive knowledge of how to build strength and character.  We are grateful that our  son has had the opportunity to train under Chris's supervision.

Lou Martin-Culet, Father of Justin Culet, Jackson Memorial Football

"My son Justin began training The Pit in Oct of 2013.  The original goal was to improve balance, endurance and stamina.  At such a young age I was not interested in size and mass.  We went to The Pit, spoke to Chris Lopez, he laid out a program that gave my son just what was needed to build that endurance and stamina.  Fast forward 18 months my son is properly trained, understands his body and the training programs provided by Chris.  Justin has gained 45-50lbs of muscle.

Chris and his team are well qualified to teach and train anyone to be the best that they WANT be.   I know I made the right decision for my son.  I recommend the program to every person who want to listen to him….AND YOU SHOULD…he produces results!"

Darren Trautwein, Men's Program

You're crazy not to give Chris and team at least 30 days of your life. The progress you will make is life altering and addicting. It's easy to sign up for any gym, but you'll never get the level of detail, guidance, support, motivation enhancement, tailored training, and most importantly tangible results that you'll get at the Pit. His availability and friendship are unrivaled- his dedication to you, selfless. Furthermore the support and comradery from the Pit's members exceeds any I've experienced in the past.

Christine Flanagan, Women's Program

I've never considered myself an athlete so I was intimidated by The Pit at first.  Chris quickly put me at ease by saying, "If you're committed, I'm committed."  The journey began.  After only a few weeks I began to see results.  I lost noticeable inches everywhere.  I'm physically stronger than I've ever been.  I'm flipping tires, swinging sledge hammers, doing pullups and lifting weights.  With The Pit's one on one attention I've learned the correct way to exercise to maximize my results.  Truly a great workout experience.  I'm never bored!!  Thanks Chris!!

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Meet Your New Coaches:

Published Author and Coach Christopher Lopez is the Owner/Operator of The Jersey Strength Pit in Jackson, New Jersey. While the Pit has only been open since May of 2012, he has been coaching both Athletes and Adults since 2003 in gyms across central New Jersey. He's trained Middle School, High School and Collegiate Athletes, MMA Fighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Military Personnel, and those Adults looking to take their life to the next level. He is Certified as a Strength Coach, MMA Conditioning Coach, and Personal Trainer, and looks forward to empower as many young athletes and adults as he can through training at 'The Pit'. His book, "The Parent's Guide to Strength Training for Football" focuses on helping parents understand the importance of strength and conditioning in preparing for football season.

Coach Zachary Hagenberg came to the PIT as a trainer from a popular gym chain. Seeing how members were treated as dollar signs instead of people prompted him to look into other opportunities to work with people who were looked after and cared for in and out of the gym. He believes that strength training is simply a tool to improve people’s lives and by doing so he focuses on putting our members first by giving them the best coaching experience possible.

Megan Ántoni is an Integrative Nutritionist who is passionate about helping men and women become the healthiest version of themselves. After earning a BA in Communications from Montclair State University, Megan completed post-baccalaureate studies in Dietetics, and completed the Health Coach Training Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York City where she studied a variety of dietary theories and effective coaching methods. Currently, she is in progress of a Master of Science degree in Human Clinical Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Her award-winning book, “PUSH Past Perfect” offers inspirational strategies for pushing past obstacles and common struggles that get in the way of reaching diet and fitness goals.

There is a Reason Why People Have Come From All Over the State to Train Here.
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